Women make better entrepreneurs and Flexible Workspace recognises this with its ideally located outsourced office solutions.

“According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are 126m women operating new businesses and another 98m at the helm of established ones.” – The Economist, 2014.

Women entrepreneurs are vital for the economy not only because they are proving to be better at running their own businesses but also because they do it very differently to men. One of the biggest reasons why women are better at doing it for themselves is because of family. They are much better at balancing their work role with the all-important role of parenting. They are able to do this magnificently by bending the rules as business owners beyond the staid walls of the corporate world.

In fact, women bring numerous strengths to business when they’re captaining their own ships:

  • They are considerate – Women are not in business for self-gain, which means that by putting others first they win the support of loyal stakeholders and employees.
  • Connection is their thing – Yes, women do bring their emotions to work and that’s a good thing because emotional intelligence is regarded as the number one quality of a great leader.
  • They are natural networkers – Women love to communicate and in business communication is the key to successful networking, to building contacts and promoting business.
  • Ego doesn’t feature – Women enjoy the support gained through teamwork and they don’t mind sharing credit where it’s due. They take on board the opinions of others and admit their own vulnerabilities. All this opens them up to many more opportunities.
  • Multitasking comes naturally – Women are able to work on numerous tasks at once and don’t shy away from a big workload, which makes them extremely capable of tackling the multifaceted job of entrepreneur.
  • Women are great listeners – Listening comes with the territory of a great communicator and women are practised listeners, which gives them the ability to gather vital information needed to operate a successful business.
  • They seek perfection – Not only do women have an excellent eye for detail but they have high standards, too, which means that mistakes that would normally cost time and money in business rarely occur.
  • They second guess – Women don’t like to make important decisions on their own and will consult others just in case they have overlooked something. If they do discover a flaw, they are not afraid to admit it and will then make a change for the better.
  • Work-life balance is important – This ultimately makes women function more healthily and with more stability in the business.

So, what stands in the way of women starting their own businesses? One of the biggest challenges is lack of confidence and support simply because for many years the business and entrepreneurial arena has been dominated by men. While there is more diversity in the workplace nowadays, there still seems to be a discrepancy when it comes to gender equality. This needs to change and Flexible Workspace may have the answers with its outsourced office solutions.

Here are 5 challenges that women entrepreneurs often face in business:

  1. Balancing family and work – While this may be an issue in the corporate work space, as a business owner a woman can be more flexible with her hours but it still is quite a challenge for her to find just the right balance.
  2. Not being taken seriously – While things may be changing in favour of women entrepreneurs, inequality, sadly, still exists in the predominantly male-driven workplace.
  3. Getting the finance – Some financial institutions still abide by old-fashioned principles and tend to favour male-run businesses but this is changing.
  4. Very little support – As women are still fairly new to the entrepreneurial game and haven’t been a part of the business industry as a whole for as long as men, they tend to find it harder to seek the support they need.
  5. Lack of entrepreneurial knowledge – This is a reasonably new field for women – especially moms who have been raising children full time and now want to start a business – which means they may require some initial business coaching .

Flexible Workspace can help with its outsourced office solutions located in sought-after areas in and around the cities of South Africa. Whether it’s fully-equipped and furnished office space – right down to the receptionist – or just a boardroom when they need one, women can choose where they want to work while providing their business with a credible work address.

These solutions take care of the working mom who needs to be flexible while raising her children. The sought-after address provides the woman entrepreneur with a more serious status, which helps when trying to raise finance or impress potential stakeholders.  Flexible Workspace also mentors businesses and provides the right support to entrepreneurs. Ultimately it affords them a strong foundation to build a successful business on.

The bottom line is women have more than enough strengths to overcome the challenges they face in the business space so the current mind-set must change to accommodate them. Our current economy can only benefit from women entrepreneurs. They bring a different approach which is in the long run more committed, hardworking, flexible and compassionate, all qualities that the big wide world of business needs right now.