As serviced offices are on the increase in Umhlanga I thought I would take the opportunity to assist when choosing the right serviced office for you.

Here are some points to consider and questions you should ask to make the process a little smoother;

Phone System
Is there a phone system in place?

Is the system future proof?
Do they provide technical support and if so in what form?
Does the capability include unique numbering?
Does it have voicemail, call forwarding and are there any additional costs associated with this?

Additional Charges
Is the phone line rental and handset included in the monthly cost?
What are the rates for calls?

Reception Services/Call Answering
Does the Receptionist answer the call in the company name?
Do they take messages?
How do they handle messages?
Are there any additional charges for other team members?

Cable Network
Is it CAT5 +?
Do they provide network points in each office – if so how many?

Servers and racking
Is there space to house your server and if so at what costs?
Are you able to plug and play email and internet-wise?

Do they supply and to what extent?
What supply do they have coming into the space and at what cost?
Is the Internet line included in the monthly cost?
Is there a cap and if so what is it and what are the charges for additional bandwidth?
Are there any set-up costs relating to IT?
Is there technical support?
What firewall security provision is there?

Boardroom / Meeting Room Charges
How will you be billed – per person/time and will you pay extra for tea and coffee in these meetings?

Are there generators in the building and what provision is made for UPS’s and data?

Security and Access

Is access to the space unlimited?

How is it monitored – by codes/ cctv/fingerprints?

Do they have an alarm system including passives and window sensors?

Do they have armed response and are there additional charges for these services?

Cleaning costs
Does the cost per month include cleaning and if so how regularly? Is cleaning outsourced or is it internal and have the cleaners been vetted?
Is the cleaning being supervised?

Tea and Coffee
Is it included in your monthly charge, if so is it unlimited? If not, is it on an honesty basis or pay as your go?

Most service office providers require at least 2 months notice. Do they renew your term automatically if you don’t serve notice?

Is furniture provided and are there additional costs?

Aircon in Durban is a must – Are the offices fully air-conditioned? Are there any additional costs?

Ask for testimonials and or referrals from current or old tenants – refer to Internet forums for more information

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