Routine, it’s a word that most of us have come across at some point or another, but very few of us have actually mastered the art of it. We like to go to bed a little later if we can, sleep in, skip that gym session or check your emails later. Those in the freelance profession may take things one step further and base their entire careers around a ‘do it when needed’ schedule. Shift-workers and part-timers have an even more difficult time of things; but in spite of all of this, having a rigid schedule and structure that you are dedicated to will do wonders for your stress levels, productivity and all-round well-being. So let’s discuss some of the top benefits of sticking to a well-oiled routine.

Routine and Time Management

Routine and Distractions

As working human beings with endless lists of slog to get through, it can be extremely easy for even the most focused of us to become distracted, especially when there aren’t any deadlines, schedules or standard operating procedures. Distractions kill productivity, or at the very least undermines it. By having a well thought out routine that you stick to adamantly, you will eliminate those distracting dark corners from your mind and find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

Work will Seem Instinctive

Without a plan, routine and schedule, you will need to approach each of your daily tasks with pre-emptive thought and planning each time. You will have to get your mind-set in the mood for work, and will ultimately waste precious time doing so. Sticking to a particular routine, on the other hand, will allow you to conduct your work as though it were a natural process, and will allow you to be more productive.

Keep your Thoughts and Activities Organised

A routine will also help you keep your eye on the ball, your finger on the button and your feet on your goals. Without having a structured system to keep yourself organised, you will lose track of what needs to be done, what has been done, and what approach you should take when completing your work. This will help you be more productive, work more efficiently, and will ultimately keep you on track even when things get tough.

Kill Procrastination

Procrastination is the favoured past-time of anyone with a lot on their plates, and while a small amount of it can be expected, when working without a good structure behind you, it may take over your daily activities. Sure, we would all prefer to sit down to a good book or film instead of getting stuff done, but ultimately that will just lead to disappointment and guilt. So, build yourself a strict routine, and you won’t have time to even think about procrastinating.

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