It’s a new year, which means a fresh batch of new year’s resolutions. But it’s not you who needs these aspirational oaths, it’s your business. And unlike those personal declarations that are quickly forgotten come the third week of January, these are resolutions you’re actually going to want to (and really should) stick to, writes Bradley Porter.

Economic downturn, volatility and recession are all words that dominated 2015. Although it is a brand new year and time for a fresh start, these market conditions are unlikely to disappear in the year ahead.

Despite this, South Africa remains a fertile breeding ground for SMMEs, and local small businesses can still thrive with the right approach, which will ensure they not only weather this storm, but come out relatively unscathed on the other side.

I believe that approach encompasses seven key aspects that are critical for small business success in 2016 – click here to read what they are.