Advocates of co-working have long purported that one of the greatest benefits of these spaces is the opportunity they provide to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, stimulating positive business growth. One South African solopreneur has realised this and quadrupled the size of her business in less than a year, all thanks to the networking access provided by Flexible Workspace – the business centre that hosts her virtual office in Umhlanga.

“A significant part of my current client base has been generated through the contacts I’ve met within the broader Flexible Workspace community. It’s truly incredible how co-working spaces act as magnets for networking, actively promoting new business opportunities, innovation and collaboration,” says Terica Reddan, founder of B2B new business agency, ProLead.

When Terica returned to South Africa from the United Kingdom 3 years ago where she worked in a B2B new business agency, she realised there was an opportunity in the local market for a similar offering. But starting from scratch meant renting an office, purchasing equipment and employing staff – overheads she couldn’t cover as a new entrepreneur working alone.

She started out from a home office, but over the years as her business grew, she realised she needed a more professional space from which to work. What she didn’t count on was the significant business boost that would accompany the eventual office solution she’d settle on.

“I spotted my local Flexible Workspace Business Centre a year ago, and having previously worked in the UK where co-working and virtual office spaces were exploding at the time, I immediately investigated the possibility of a virtual office,” Terica explains.

The Flexible Workspace Business Centre in Umhlanga offers freelancers, contract workers, corporate project teams, remote workers and solopreneurs like Terica access to a range of serviced and virtual office spaces, complete with all necessary office equipment, professional reception services, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and cloakroom and kitchen facilities.

“I wanted to focus solely on growing my business. The Flexible Workspace Business Centre where my virtual office is based helps me present a professional image to my clients, takes care of all my reception needs, and provides me with access to meeting and boardrooms, as and when I need them, in one neat, cost-effective package,” she adds.

ProLead occupies an exclusive space within the South African business environment, generating high-quality new business opportunities for B2B businesses across all industry sectors that are looking to actively grow their client bases.

The company compiles niche industry databases, and then strategically mines this information to match prospective customers in each industry to the specific service offerings provided by ProLead’s clients.

Terica relies on true personalised email communications – a burgeoning trend on the international marketing scene – to attract new customers on behalf of her clients.

Relinquishing the pressure of having to handle office-related logistics really has allowed Terica to focus on her core business: her clients enjoy qualified new business opportunities and in almost all circumstances, they sign one new client within the first three months of retaining her services.

Terica wasn’t only able to attract a host of new clients from within the Flexible Workspace network, but also met her business coach (Action Coach – Shirley Pearson) this way, who is helping to guide her company through the positive growth phase that has followed.