For entrepreneurs the complexities and high costs associated with starting a new business can be overwhelming, if not down-right debilitating. The cost of office rental, infrastructure and staff – can be the difference between the birth or death of great new business concepts.

The solution to this aspiring entrepreneur dilemma is serviced office space. Perfect for the cost-conscious entrepreneur, salesperson or frequent business traveller, a serviced office gives the entrepreneur all that is required to start and operate a business, at a fraction of the cost.

This is according to Bradley Porter, CEO and Founder of Flexible Workspace.

“A fully serviced office means that you have access to every resource you need to make your business a success, thrown in with an upmarket business address and zero start-up costs,” explains Porter. “It’s almost like an office in a can- just lock up and go!” he says.

Flexible Workspace provides fully-serviced offices to entrepreneurs and small business owners in prime locations Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. These fully furnished, staffed and completely equipped offices cater to all business needs, enabling small start-ups to get on with business while they receive crucial business support.

“Another highly viable option is the virtual office,” Porter explains. “This is basically an office in cyber space which allows the small business owner and employees, to work remotely from any location, simply using the technology provided by laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.”

There are many providers in this business space and it is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to evaluate them correctly. “Make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment,” says Porter. “The business needs to work for you so that you can earn a living as the business grows.”

Choose a provider that values your brand and reputation

A prestigious business centre for client meetings and deliveries is ideal in a world where first impressions count most when dealing with new clients. As with a fully serviced office, an investment in a virtual office from a reputable service provider includes all the perks of a full physical office, including a prestigious business address, meeting rooms when required, and an outsourced receptionist to answer calls.

Choose a provider that offers value-added service

A virtual office means that you get all of the technical support and backup you require. You also don’t need to deal with the inconvenience of a receptionist on sick leave. All contingencies are provided for. In the same way, an upmarket serviced office space provides the business owner with a professional receptionist, administrative team and complete access to copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, ADSL connectivity and fully furnished board rooms for meetings.

“This way, costs are minimised and the owner can focus on what is most important while all other requirements are taken care of,” explains Porter. The serviced office is also the perfect solution for start-ups that initially want to test markets and seek to focus on running their business without having to look into facility management and the associated costs.

Look out for hidden costs

Small businesses often struggle to find the capital required to launch, and renting office space can be akin to bleeding money every single month. It’s these initial costs involved in securing office space, furniture and administration staff that can stand in the way of small business owners taking that next step.

“A reputable service provider will be able to give you a fully serviced office for one consolidated bill, without a long term contract and hidden costs,” says Porter. “It should be an office in a can with no hidden fat,” he concluded.