Lets face it; times are tough for most of us. It’s all a bit “touch and go” but stay above the bar and you can really shine. Ways to do this include focusing on costs, building revenue, investing in and focussing on your core business, communicating, not letting yourself down, not reducing prices, strengthening the strong and staying positive.

We all want to be a part of a positive team so how can Managers create this environment?

Here are some tips;

  • Build trust – Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Communicate positively and openly – Listen to your staff
  • Expect the best from your staff – treat your staff as though they are capable and competent and they will rise to the occasion
  • Create team spirit – ensure staff are part of a supportive work group
  • Give recognition and appreciation – recognising excellent job performance and attitude goes a long way
  • Give credit and take responsibility – give credit for success and take responsibility when things don’t go well
  • Be approachable – show that you are available and happy to speak with people at all levels/positions
  • Provide a positive physical environment – make sure your workplace is clean, bright and appealing
  • Make staff evaluations a positive experience – focus on the good
  • Make it fun – find reasons to celebrate at work
  • Most of all – Lead from the front/by example