After returning from the UK many years ago I felt like the chorus of a Radiohead song – “What the hell am I doing here” I don’t belong here. And let me tell you it took me the better part of 2 years to come to terms with the fact that I was going to make this home – whether I liked it or not.

Almost ten years later I’m thrilled to say I am SO proudly South African! When friends returning for holidays say, “I could never live here blah blah blah” instead of joining in on their negative banter (as I would have done in the past) I think about everything they’re missing out on in this beautiful country. I mean come on – you can only live on Mud Island for so long?

Sure, every country has its downfalls but the pros far outweigh the cons for me. There is so much on offer in SA from the weather to the beaches the landscape to the people and lifestyle. How lucky are we?!

Along with all these pros are the business opportunities we have. I was so chuffed to read in the Business report “Accord sets 75% target for procuring goods made in SA”. How fantastic! “The accord is one of the latest steps taken to achieve some of the aims of the new growth path, which hopes to create 5 million jobs by 2020″ “Fifteen companies with a combined annual turnover of R350 Billion pledged their support to the accord” says Ayanda Mdluli of the Mercury. “Further companies will be recruited from the largest procurers of goods and services in the economy, in support of this initiative, and a target of at least 25 companies by March 2012 is being pursued, rising by at least 10 companies per year” the accord says.

With the government and business upping it’s efforts to source locally produced goods our country can only go from strength to strength!

Yes folks – believe it – local is definitely lekker!