Thank you for having this interview with FWS

Please tell us briefly the nature of your business:

We do web consulting in Africa for quite a number of companies.

Some of the companies are based in Dubai, Italy and Pretoria.

I’m a shareholder in other companies as well as the owner of Global Ventures.

Global Ventures is a company that started in 2008. It’s a consulting company that does business developments for local partner, international companies, travel training service, interpretation service and advisory service.

We explore the local market for international companies that want to introduce a product to Africa, and I would say the advisory service is crucial for the international companies in order to succeed in a local market.

What would be key points to consider as a start-up company?

First you must know what you want to do

Second you must be patient

If you know what you want and you are patient you can travel through the adversity of money. Money is not always there and when it is you must learn how to spend and understand what part of it is your turn over.

Having your own company allows you to choose what you enjoy doing, and what you like to do will allow you to make more money.

And thirdly have a goal and do what you need to do to achieve it.

What are some of the obstacles start-up companies face and how have you met these obstacles?

I believe the most important area to work on is on how to sell yourself; well executed marketing will speak for you and sell for you, even if you work from home.

Marketing was one of many things I liked about Flexible Workspace, the marketing was so good that I paid before I even saw the offices.

After having your marketing sorted out,the second thing you must work on is excellent service. I like to give ultimate service to my clients, to find out what they like and need, allowing me to provide for them; for example take your clients to a soccer game to build that relationship with them.

You want to be the first option for your client always; subsequently doors will open in future deals. Companies look for people that have skills to make things happen.

Finance, recognition and stigma are always obstacles and the way to overcome them is:

From day one you do the right thing

Reputation is another obstacle; as a new company you don’t have any. I recommend going back to people that you’ve worked with before, find out if they need the service you are now providing or if you can provide what they need. This way you build a network that backs up your work and you can recommend yourself based on it.

Don’t let ignorance stop you, if you don’t know the product or the business but you are capable to provide it, learn it; if you don’t have the funds, use whatever you have, you have to be 100% committed and deliver.

I look for the opportunity and I take it.

What is your overall view of Flexible Workspace?

Flexible workspace has helped me maintain my costs low and enables me to have a great image with my clients when I have meetings. As a start -up company what you need is to maintain your cost and as your company grows you can grow with-in Flexible Workspace; like myself I started with a Virtual Office and now I moved into an office since the business requirements have developed.