Please tell us briefly the nature of your business:

CNDB commenced trading roughly a year and a half ago. We export South African manufactured consumer goods to other countries in Africa. We buy on an exclusive distribution basis from South African manufactures in bulk and we export these goods to customers outside South Africa.

What would be key points to a new business?

The key points for a new business:

  1. Having adequate capital and strict working capital management
  2. Focusing on revenue generation from early on
  3. Honouring commitments

As a start-up company you need to invest your own capital in the business to get it off the ground, and to develop a track record before raising capital from third parties.

What sort of infrastructural obstacles can you expect when starting a company?

Rental rates per square meter are the main infrastructural obstacles in finding good premises in a central location. Secondly, the necessary office furniture and equipment in setting up an office, present another capital and admin obstacle for a new business.

Flexible Workspace offers an all-in-one package concept (the rental covers all of the above including connectivity, phone line and all the support for my business needs).

What is the biggest challengeas a woman when it comes to a new business of your own and what’s your approach to meeting this challenge?

I’ve always worked in a male dominated environment and the only way to go is to be professional at all times. The strengths of your product offering and the price, is all that really counts at the end of the day.

What is your overall view of Flexible Workspace?

For a new company Flexible Workspace offers a turnkey solution. Keeping your service providers to a minimum number will allow you to have more time for your business.

The aesthetics and the mood of the office are positive and one feels immersed in an entrepreneurial environment.