After being promised by my service provider that my uncapped line was unshaped (The process of manipulating, managing or controlling portions of a network connection to the outside world and determining an allowed bandwidth consumption based on types of activities) I discovered that this was not the caseas I reached a point where I wasn’t able to browse let alone download.

This initiated some serious research on my part into service providers but I have been battling to differentiate between line speed and download speed. In a recent conversation with my friend Grant aka “Internet guru” he described the line size as the width of a highway and the connection as the size of car you use i.e. the bigger the car the more you pay. Finally it all made sense so I have gone back to the drawing board and compiled a list of SP’s and what they do and more importantly don’t offer as far as shaping goes.

Please note all of these prices are based on an uncapped 384 kbps line;

Mweb – R219 (shaped)

WebAfrica – R499 Business (shaped)

Axxess – R196 Standard or R899 Business (shaped)

Telkom – R219 home usage (shaped)

Webstorm – R215 Standard or R775 Business (shaped)

Afrihost – R497 (unshaped but have a clause which says they are able to deprioritize business adsl bandwidth outside of business hours if absolutely needed)

Openweb – R599 Unshaped (seems they are the only ones)

These prices exclude line rentals, which are paid to Telkom – see standard rate below

384k line rental R152

512k line rental R326

4096k line rental R413

In short it seems that they all claim not to shape but when it comes down to it and you are exceeding their “reasonable use” terms they will do so regardless of your package. Maybe it’s a case of “Better the devil you know that the devil you don’t”