Imagine your work life in another hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is typically a very different way of life compared with the southern hemisphere but consider the difference in what your working life would be from North to South.

From the clothes one wears, to the cost of living, to the expectation of work and the climate, the South definitely gives the North a run for it’s money on the work front.

Work - with a viewThe North, mainly due to its climate and over population in major cities doesn’t allow for this. Most of the time one is limited to working indoors due to the cold. In winter it is dark on the way to and from work and you’re more than likely stuck on a tube underground, which creates a rather gloomy atmosphere.

The lifestyle in the South is generally a lot more user friendly. Working outside gives you a certain amount of independence, responsibility and the freedom to move around and work in different locations and who wouldn’t want that.You can work in summer dresses/shorts on the beachfront overlooking the most magnificent view, or simply sit in a garden absorbing the sun while working from a laptop.

No matter which way you chose to spend your working week a lot of usfortunate enough to live in the Southern hemisphere have the choice to work indoors or outdoors and what a fantastic option that is!