Health And Balance In The Workplace For Happy Employees

The average person spends an estimated 39 hours a week in the office; that’s 1842 hours a year (assuming an average of a 5-week holiday) and around 92120 hours between the ages of 18 and 67. With statistics like those, it is surprising that more individuals and companies are not making health in the workplace a priority. Productivity is always first on the list, and getting lost in this can result in too little attention being paid to fostering a healthy and green environment. At the end of the day, a comfortable and happy worker is a productive one. So, whether you are using Serviced Offices or a Virtual Office, here are some steps that you should turn into habits to ensure that you are creating the most wholesome work environment possible.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Offices can host a lot of unseen dirt and bacteria, especially around desks, bathrooms and the kitchen. In fact, the common keyboard is often regarded as more of a breeding ground for germs than a toilet seat.

To ensure that you limit instances of employee absenteeism, you should foster policies that encourage your workers to take care of personal and office hygiene. Hand washing stations, notes and signs as reminders to keep clean, and a policy of keeping workstations clear will all add to the hygiene of your office space.

Keeping Workers Physically and Mentally Stimulated

By increasing the levels of physical activity in your workforce, you can enable them to raise their levels of energy and enthusiasm. The average office environment pays very little attention to the crucial need for physical movements, which often has a negative impact on employee motivation and productivity.

This is unfortunate, since encouraging regular exercise in your employees will also better their health, which in turn limits downtime from illnesses. So, offer incentives or host activities to increase their fitness; remember though to start small and slow, not everyone in your office will be as excited about breaking a sweat as you are.

Keep things Vibrant, Fresh and Alive

Fill your offices with colour to encourage inspiration amongst your workers and to raise their moral. Ensure too that there is plenty of fresh air (even if you use air conditioning units) by opening windows. Plants also make for a much more inviting and energetic workplace, so be sure to pepper your offices with plenty of them.

Permanent Spine Damage at 0km an Hour

Your average worker will spend most of the time in the office working at a desk; sitting in a chair. The way in which you sit, the posture you hold, and even the layout of your desk will have a massive impact on your physical condition over time. So be sure that seating is comfortable, that your head is raised while working on a computer, and that your seating allows you to sit for long periods of time without slouching, raising your knees or lowering your hips.

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