Office FocusMindfulness is the practice of calming yourself down by being in the present moment and not focusing on the past or the future. It is being present in that moment and allowing yourself to appreciate the moment that you are living in. It is the art of taking a step back to acknowledge your current thoughts and your emotive state. It is a great means of taking ourselves out of the world we have engorged ourselves in and actually reflect on it.

Finding Mindfulness in the Workplace

One of the most stressful triggers in our lives is work and our work environment. It creates of lot of stress, anxiety, fear and frustration. It is so easy to get caught up in getting our tasks done and meeting our deadlines and making everyone happy but ourselves. We often neglect ourselves at work by not eating well, not taking enough time to calm down, or drinking enough water. It all takes a toll on our mental and physical health. But by sitting at your desk, or taking a short walk to reflect and focus on yourself in the moment, you’ll feel more in control and accepting of yourself.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

There are so many benefits to being mindful, and having work place mindfulness. Mindfulness doesn’t require you to change who you are. It does however; bring some changes to you, such as it brings about new levels of innovation and creativity to your thinking. It forces you to take a look at yourself and change your reactions in situations to something more calm and positive. It allows you to see what you need. It decreases your stress and anxiety levels, it lowers you blood pressure too. It also allows you to increase your levels of focus and attention.

Finding a Mindful Space

With so many reasons to find mindfulness in your day to day life, it is difficult to resist it. No matter where you work, you can always benefit from finding mindfulness in your day. Flexible Workspace offers your business the opportunity to have a more mindful business environment that is specific to your needs.