I read an interesting article about “protecting the planet one lunch at a time”. Being new to the whole “green” concept I generally wouldn’t have a clue where to start (other than recycling) so I’ve been familiarizing myself by reading articles about innovative ways to go green and stumbled upon this particular piece. The article focuses on the difference between a “disposable” lunch and a waste free lunch.

Something I hadn’t considered prior to reading this was the cost, not only to my pocket and waistline, but also to the environment, when picking up a pre-packed lunch from Woolies. Packing both “disposable” and waste-free lunches simultaneously is an experiment worth conducting, both economically and environmentally. I found it enlightening! So from now on I am going to strive to do the waste free lunch option and hope that others will follow suit.

Here are some tips on how to pack your waste free lunch:

  • Include packaging that can be reused
  • Create your own snack pack from larger, bulk packaging
  • Put drinks in a reusable bottle
  • Food can be contained in a variety of reusable containers – fabric, plastic, insulated, etc.
  • Utensils and napkins would be reusable as well
  • Packing fresh fruit and vegetables only creates organic waste that can decompose and they are healthier alternatives (cheaper too)
  • Of course, it would be assembled in a reusable lunch box