Bertha Centre’s Do-ference: Pathways to funding for entrepreneurs

August 16

Bringing together entrepreneurs, start-ups, finance and legal experts from across the South African entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Bertha Centre’s Do-ference is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs access the tools and connections they need to take their (social) enterprises to the next level. The Do-ference is for all early-stage entrepreneurs, but is especially tailored to social entrepreneurs…


10 reasons your business needs a serviced office

September 22

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small­ or medium­sized business owner, national company looking to expand, or multinational needing a satellite presence in a particular location – at some point you’ve considered renting office space. In doing your homework you would have quickly realised the mounting costs and logistics associated with claiming a piece of prime corporate real estate for…


Why every start-up needs a virtual office

August 12

What do the entrepreneurs behind fresh new start-ups know about running an office? Most of the time, not much. Think about it. They know about their product or service, they know about their customers, they know about their competition, they know about the latest business tech must-haves, and they know how they’re going to bring…