Transform (or be transformed)

July 10

Gifts from Covid: Transform (or be transformed) Have you tried your hand at brewing homemade pineapple beer during lockdown? So… we’re back to brewing homemade pineapple beer. With immediate effect. With the alcohol ban lifted (for now), the home brew trend is hopefully a thing of the past (anyway, from what I hear, the results…


How to Create Employee Responsibility

February 27

As a manager or a business owner, there are an overbearing amount of tasks and responsibilities that never seem to end. In most cases we see many managers having to micromanage or babysit their employees in order to make sure that they are doing their jobs, and doing them competently. You think to yourself, “surely…


How Office Layout Affects Productivity

January 23

There are many different types of workplaces out there, each characterised by their own ethos and approach to productivity. When comparing these businesses, you will likely find that their major differences in ethos and approach are closely tied to the layout and environment of their office spaces. This points to the idea that an office’s…