Employees spend in excess of 8 hours a day in the office, so having a secure neighbourhood where your employees feel safe should be a priority. Consider the route staff will need to travel to and from local transport.

Nobody likes to work in an insecure environment and your staff are no different. How secure is the building? Do you need extra security for different areas? Have there been any recent break ins? Are windows, skylights and doors secure, or will they need to be altered upon occupation?

If your staff are likely to need access to the building outside of normal office hours, you’ll need to consider how easy it is for them to do so. Is there 24 hour access and security? Will you need to implement any extra security measures?

Are the fire plans up-to-date? Are there the right amount of fire exits for the amount of people?

These are just a few questions to ask when looking for an office. Do your homework before signing the lease/sale agreement.Security and Accessibility are key (pardon the pun)!