Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small­ or medium­sized business owner, national company looking to expand, or multinational needing a satellite presence in a particular location – at some point you’ve considered renting office space.

In doing your homework you would have quickly realised the mounting costs and logistics associated with claiming a piece of prime corporate real estate for your growing business, and perhaps decided to go back to the drawing board on office space because of it.

But just because you need an office, it doesn’t mean you need a traditional office. Serviced offices are fast becoming the preferred alternatives to conventional offices for all types of businesses.

If you haven’t considered a serviced office for your business, here are 10 reasons why you should:

  1. It has flexible terms: this is easily the biggest drawcard. There are no long­term leases to get tied into, and the range of options available means you will find an office solution that fits your business needs and your budget.
  2. It’s affordable: corporate real estate comes with a hefty price tag attached – a cost that is set to continue rising in the future. As a working space, serviced offices cost a fraction of the price of conventional office space.
  3. There are no set­up costs: serviced offices come with all the office equipment, infrastructure and management services you need to successfully run your business. This means you don’t have to battle sourcing and paying for these (often expensive) individual aspects yourself.
  4. It reduces your risk: brand new start­ups, expanding companies and SMMEs are all exposed to a level of risk. With a serviced office traditional ‘fixed costs’ become variable costs.
  5. You get the business address you want: the more sophisticated serviced office hubs are located at prime corporate destinations, giving your business the professional look and upmarket address you want.
  6. You have access to unparalleled networking opportunities: the serviced office environment hosts a variety of people, brands and businesses, providing you and your staff with access to ongoing business opportunities, all within one shared workspace.
  7. It reduces your carbon footprint: by finding a serviced office hub close to your home, you cut down on your commuting time as well as the carbon emissions associated with running a large office space.
  8. It offers your staff greater flexibility: improving employees’ work/life balance is a major business focus area. Serviced offices allow employees to work remotely when necessary, maintaining productivity and increasing job satisfaction.
  9. It meets your business’s mobility needs: no matter the size of your business, at some point you will need to work on the move or from a different location. By accessing other serviced offices within your network you can keep downtime to a minimum. This is particularly useful for companies employing sales reps and managers tasked with setting up new offices in their group.
  10. You can earn enterprise and supplier development (ESD) points: by giving your ESD candidates access to the office space and other important business support infrastructure offered through a serviced office, you can earn ESD points on your BBBEE scorecard. Because serviced offices are so flexible, this solution can be tailored to meet your company’s specific ESD objectives, from the number of workstations to the duration of the contract.